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feeder quail frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Feeder Quail

Preparation And Feeding Instructions:

  1. Avoid handling reptiles before feeding them feeder quail.
  2. Separate reptiles for feeding.
  3. Thaw the feeder quail in warm water; avoid using a microwave.
  4. Once thawed, use tongs to offer the quail to the reptile.
  5. Encourage feeding by moving the quail to simulate liveliness.
  6. Release the quail once the reptile strikes and holds onto it.
  7. To prevent bites, always wash your hands after handling feeder quail.
  8. Keep feeder quail separate from areas where human food is prepared or stored.
  9. Consult a vet or pet professional for feeding frequency specific to your reptile species.

Return Policy:

Feeder Quail For Sale guarantees frozen delivery on all products and exact sizing specifications. If your product arrived thawed, or you were shipped the wrong size, please contact us, within 1 day of receiving order. We will be happy to assist you with any concerns.
Special note:
Returns or exchanges are not permitted due to bio-security concerns.

Is The Quail Frozen Or Fresh?

We only sell frozen quail products.

How Long Does The Frozen Feeder Quail Last?

When storing feeder quail, they can generally last up to a year if frozen properly. To extend their shelf life, keeping them in airtight freezer bags is essential to minimize air exposure. While feeder quail is typically recommended to be stored for no more than 4 to 6 months, using adequately sealed containers and minimizing air exposure can significantly prolong their usability.

How Are Frozen Feeder Quail Packed?

Quail are packed in a zip locked poly bag and packed with 5 pounds of dry ice in a shipping cooler.

Do Frozen Feed Quail Come With Feathers?

Yes all our frozen feeder quail come with feathers intact.

How are Frozen Feeder Quail Euthanized?

They are euthanized with a co2 gas. (This is the most humane way to accomplish this.)


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